Damian Herrington

Web Designer

Green & Teggin Architects

Green & Teggin Architects approached me wanting their existing website to work better on an iPad. After some discussions I suggested it would be better to re-engineer their existing website code from the ground up which subsequently would allow users not just on a tablet but users on smartphones or any other devices to easily view and navigate their website. Not only would this modernise their existing code base bringing it more inline with todays standards but ultimately be written with a mobile-first approach in mind. By approaching the website in this manner allowed me to really focus on the constraints of a mobile user first, namely usability and performance.

The content now for the new Green & Teggin website is more hierarchically in tune with better readability and legibility across smaller and larger devices. By definition G & T have a lot of imagery on their site displaying previous and on-going projects and so the performance aspect of their site was doubly important especially for users browsing via a 3G connection. With a combination of plugins to cache and further optimise the website the performance of their website has gone from a page speed grade of 60% average to over 90% average which I am ecstatic about!

“Marvellous! There’s nothing you can’t do – thanks”