The Deep Fish Club logo mark

The Deep Fish Club

The Brief

I wanted to create a brand identity for The Deep that utilises their unique iconic building in Hull into a recognisable friendly fish logo mark for a kids club. The architecturally stunning building itself is designed to mimic a wave due to its location where the river Hull meets the Humber estuary.


My plan was to take the outline of the building and make that the body of the fish. I felt this would allow it to be immediately recognisable standing on its own as a logo mark as a connection with the building as well as it being an obvious fish and having that unique quality. It also needed to have a friendly happy disposition.

I used some of the design elements from the building itself to give the fish some character particularly to separate the head and body as well as adding fins. To make it more friendly I used a thicker outline as well as rounded corners. In doing so, the break between the head and body subtly gives a little smile. For the colour palette I chose a dark blue with a really punchy bright orange to make any and all touch-points fun and stand-out.

* Disclaimer - I am not working for nor have been approached by The Deep. This is a side-project concept. *
The Deep Fish Club logo mark single colour
The Deep Fish Club logo mark de-construction
The Deep Fish Club promotion imagery
The Deep Fish Club sticker pack and t-shirt mockup
The Deep Fish Club advertisement board mockup
The Deep Fish Club logo mark