Daily Empowered Women logo mark.

Daily Empowered Women

A Instagram project (Daily Empowered Women) initiated by Kelly Darcy that was launched on International Women's Day to represent and share female empowerment.

The visual identity needed to reflect strength, unity and inclusiveness that would represent DEW and allow women to be involved and share their story.

The logo includes a simple icon of two abstract shapes, these shapes reference a couple of different attributes relating to DEW, these include:

  • Birdseye view of two people embracing & talking
  • Quotation marks to reinforce the question & answer conversational aspect

The icon design has been paired with a clean sans-serif italic typeface that shares the same weight as the icon. Using a solid icon as opposed to an outline paired with a thicker typeface re-enforces strength and solidity in a persons character.

The solution allowed the logo to be incredibly simple and versatile across social media and touch-points with enough abstraction for Kelly to tell the Daily Empowered Women story and get other women involved.

Photography within Instagram by Kelly Darcy
Daily Empowered Women logo mark single colour.
Daily Empowered Women logo mark de-construction.
Daily Empowered Women logo icon, Instagram page mockup.
Daily Empowered Women logo mark apparel mockup.
Daily Empowered Women tote bag mockup.
Daily Empowered Women 'with compliments' card.