Boone Bikes Co logo mark.

Boone Bikes Co

A personal project creating the visual identity for Boone, a family-run bicycle shop selling core products as well as their own and providing a repair service in-house.

The brand identity needed to reflect movement or dynamism as a connection to cycling without being overly obvious, such as using a bike or a wheel icon for example.

For the identity a chain link icon was drawn; influenced by the chains task of transferring power to the rear wheel and propelling the bike forward. Rather than using a separate logo mark, the double o in Boone was replaced creating a custom word mark.

This chain link is also used both subtly and vividly as a repeating pattern for other touch-points such as print collateral.

Boone Bikes Co street mockup.
Boone Bikes Co chain inspiration.
Boone Bikes Co print collateral mockup.
Boone Bikes Co subtle repeating pattern.
Boone Bikes Co vivid repeating pattern.
Boone Bikes Co business card mockup.
Boone Bikes Co animated gif.