Bar 19EIGHTYSIX logo mark.


A side project based on the year of my birth. Hull has had a bit of a boom recently after being crowned city of culture for 2017, there has been financial investment in the city particularly on the marina. It is the perfect location for a high end bar and fine dining establishment.

I wanted to create an identity that for a bar evoked their principles and philosophy in a simple luxurious un-encumbered manner.

A simple set of shapes that utilise the negative space to form the numbers one and nine. This is paired with a clean sans-serif typeface, this understated identity follows consistently through-out the bar and restaurant as well across all their visual collateral.

Bar 19EIGHTYSIX logo mark single colour.
Bar 19EIGHTYSIX alternative logo mark lockup.
Bar 19EIGHTYSIX kitchen mockup.
Bar 19EIGHTYSIX signage mockup.
Bar 19EIGHTYSIX business card.
Bar 19EIGHTYSIX wine menu mockup.
Bar 19EIGHTYSIX logo mark.