“Even when a practice’s work is really good, its image can be let down by a poor identity.”


  • Our brand identity doesn’t align with our values or ambitions anymore ⬤
  • We don’t standout, people don’t know who we are or what we do that makes us different ⬤
  • We need to elevate our image to help us win bigger projects ⬤
  • Our brand communications are inconsistent ⬤
  • We need to attract more – and better – talent ⬤
  • How can we look modern whilst retaining our heritage?
  • If any one of those resonates with your practice, you’re in the right place. Let’s Get Started

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“Damian is an exceptional designer. His work was always on time and completed to a high standard. He is an excellent communicator which helps when working on complex projects. Overall, Damian is a very pleasant and easy person to work with.”


“I have worked with Damian for over 6 years on a multitude of projects with completely varied briefs. Damian has always tackled them head first offering ideas, solid structure and design flare. It is a pleasure to work with him, creating bespoke digital media.”


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Hello! I'm a freelance graphic designer based in the U.K. specialising in logos and visual identity. I work with Architecture practices.

I value design that is focused, purposeful and honest. Collaborating with like-minded companies people to help realise their creative vision and communicate what they do in a straightforward effective manner.

During the latter stages of secondary school, throughout college and the first year of university I wanted to be a computer programmer. I loved the feeling and buzz of making something from scratch that solved a specific problem. In my second year of university I fell in love with developing websites, giving me the same sense of satisfaction as programming did. From that point on I focused entirely on website development and since studying Internet Computing at Lincoln, I have been developing websites for over a decade.

Wanting a new outlet at solving creative challenges and with a great love of branding and architecture, I merged the two passions providing logo and visual identity services from my home studio. Driven and inspired by simple & bold aesthetics I strive to make functional and useful visual identity systems. Communicating who you are and what you do clearly and consistently to help increase growth, influence perception and to differentiate you from the competition.

Away from the desk I enjoy walking in the lovely Yorkshire Wolds, art galleries and The Arsenal. Oh and Back To The Future is the best film trilogy ever to exist!

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